Water and Sewer Systems

SWI has provided award winning engineering services for numerous water and sewer system projects in northern Arizona. In 2014, SWI was awarded the APWA’s “Public Works Project of the Year” on the Inner Basin Pipeline Reconstruction project. For a more detailed list of relevant projects, please visit our contact page to request more information.

Inner Basin Pipeline Reconstruction, Flagstaff

SWI was awarded the 2014 Arizona Public Works Association Public Works Project of the year.

The City of Flagstaff contracted SWI to provide engineering solutions and full-time engineering inspections for the repair of a six-mile water line damaged from the Schultz Fire in 2010. This water line was a long term, reliable, and economic source of water. Due to the limited physical access, limited communications, short construction period, and potential rationing of other water sources, the City of Flagstaff contracted SWI for recommendations and solutions that could be provided without further review or delay. The work was partially funded through a FEMA grant that was administered by the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs.

Arizona Snowbowl Reclaimed Water Snowmaking Reservoir, Flagstaff

This project received the ACEC 2013 Engineering Excellence Honor Award.

Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort began making artificial snow in 2013. Reclaimed water was used for the snowmaking, which was pumped from the City of Flagstaff to the Snowbowl Ski Area with an elevation difference of approximately 3,000 feet. The ten-million gallon snowmaking reservoir was completed in time for the 2012-2013 ski season. Reclaimed wastewater is pumped into the reservoir located at approximately 10,000 feet elevation near the top of the Sunset Chair Lift. From there, water is pumped to portable, snowmaking equipment to be located as required to manufacture artificial snow.

The reservoir construction required approximately 137,000-cubic yards of excavation and 7,000-cubic yards of fill. The elevation differential across the five-acre reservoir construction site is approximately 95 feet. The reservoir serves as both storage for snowmaking water during the ski season and for fire suppression water supply for the US Forest Service in the summer. SWI provided all civil engineering, site inspection, and construction administration for the construction of the reservoir.

Twin 5 Water Main Replacement, Clarkdale

This project won the 2013 WIFA Drinking Water Project of the Year.

The Twin 5’s water main replacement project consisted of more than 12,000 feet of new 12” and 8” water mains in eight local residential streets in Clarkdale. The purpose of the project was to replace the existing dual 5-inch steel water mains, which are above ground in many locations. The Town of Clarkdale coordinated with WIFA (Water Infrastructure Finance Authority) for aid in funding the design of the project. SWI provided topographic survey, new legal descriptions/easements, cost estimates, storm water pollution prevention plans, construction plans, specifications, and bid documents. Coordination and meetings with the stakeholders, local utility companies, and adjacent landowners were essential to the project for future planning.

Butler Avenue Waterline Replacement Project, Flagstaff

SWI provided engineering services for the installation of approximately 9,000 feet of a water transmission main with the existing Right-of-Way on Butler Avenue. The installation occurred along a two-mile stretch of East Butler Avenue in southeast Flagstaff.

SWI was responsible for coordination with local utility companies and Flagstaff Public Schools to minimize potential disruptions. Our team coordinated with the City of Flagstaff Utilities Department to ensure the design met their performance objectives and equipment a top priority.