Harkins Movie Theater

SWI was the prime engineer and surveyor for a 72,000 square-foot, 16-screen movie theater complex outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. In addition to the building, on-site parking; access lanes; and on-site and off-site drainage improvements were part of the project scope. Prior to design, SWI provided topographic surveys, boundary surveys, and legal descriptions. Our engineering services included: mass grading and drainage plans; water and sewer system design; construction plans for private and public site improvements; underground LID retention systems; SWPPP; construction specifications; cost estimates; and ADEQ submittal and coordination. Following construction, SWI provided as-built surveys, construction staking, and construction observation. The project itself was a high-profile one in the community—the site was located directly next a high-traffic mall. Coordination with the developer was essential in maintaining a positive image in the community.