Residential Subdivisions

SWI has provided engineering services for some of the largest residential subdivisions and resorts in northern Arizona including the Enchantment Resort in Sedona. For a more detailed list of relevant projects, please visit our contact page to request more information.

McMillan Mesa Village, Flagstaff

McMillan Mesa Village is a mixed use, urban in-fill project on 146-acres in Flagstaff. SWI provided professional services for subdivision platting, engineering design, construction documents, and construction management services for the construction of approximately 11,000 feet of 8-inch/12-inch water main; 7,000 feet of 8-inch sewer main; and 7,300 feet of on-site roadways. The project also included two new turn lanes and approximately 1,000 feet of edge improvements on an existing road.

When fully constructed, the development will consist of low and high density residential areas, commercial areas, and business parks. The project will be built on a large undeveloped area that is surrounded by the USGS campus, Coconino High School, and residential neighborhoods. The project integrates with the existing developments and provides additional access points and pathways for these areas.

Enchantment Resort, Sedona

SWI provided design for a $14-million expansion of this destination resort in Sedona. Project components included the construction of a new meeting facility, multiple casitas, a spa facility, and a new wastewater treatment plant along with the required roadway and associated parking. The design included a floodplain study, a new bridge, a floodwall design, upgraded designs for the existing 50,000-GPD wastewater treatment plant. Grading and drainage plans were prepared with an emphasis on protecting the fragile high-desert flora. SWI also designed a parallel water main for the resort hotel’s water system. Design work included multiple wash crossings and routing the main through restrictive access areas on the hotel property.

Talking Rock Ranch, Prescott

SWI was the principal engineer of a 3,500-acre, 1,500 home-development outside of Prescott. Design of Phase 1 of this large, 3,500 AC PAD, included eight miles of water and eight miles of sewer mains; a 300,000-gallon water storage tank; a 2,000-GPM pumping station; and a sewage pump station. The work included aerial mapping, utility layout and design, drainage design, and hydrologic analysis.

The project site resided on a drainage area of approximately 60-square miles. Several hydrologic methodologies were employed in the drainage analysis; including HEC-1, HEC-HMS, PondPack, and flood frequency analyses. Comparisons of the methodologies were incorporated into the drainage report, as well as, sensitivity analyses for hydrograph formation, and rainfall losses. Floodplains were modeled and delineated for more than eight miles of dry washes.

Flagstaff Ranch Golf Club, Flagstaff

SWI performed all engineering design of a 410-acre, 210-lot gated subdivision. The project included subdivision layout, roads, drainage, water production facilities, and waterline extension. The design also included a low-pressure sewer collection system and coordination with the general contractor for the design of the wastewater treatment plant.

Back O’ Beyond Ranch, Sedona

SWI performed all engineering design of a 120-acre, 80-lot subdivision. The project included the design of roads, drainage, waterline extension, box culverts, reinforced fill slopes, and other site development. Additional services included the design of a low-pressure system collection system with an 18,600-GPD phased wastewater treatment package plant.

Cross Creek Ranch, Sedona

SWI performed all civil engineering design, construction observation, and surveying services for an 84-lot luxury home subdivision on 220-acres of prime Oak Creek frontage near Sedona. The subdivision is served by its own water supply and sewer collection and treatment system and is accessed via a 320′ x 36′ bridge over Oak Creek. Care was taken to preserve existing ranch buildings and irrigation infrastructure to enhance the rustic nature of this unique setting.