Parks and Recreation Facilities

SWI has provided engineering and design services for numerous landmark parks and recreation facilities around northern Arizona. For a more detailed list of relevant projects, please visit our contact page to request more information.

6th Street BMX Park, Flagstaff

SWI and California Skate Parks teamed to design a BMX bicycle park and regional stromwater detention basin in Flagstaff’s Sunnyside neighborhood. This project modified a standard detention basin geometry to allow the construction of a world-class BMX bicycle stunt park, while at the same time protecting the downstream neighborhood from 100-year flood events.

Community Recreation Center, Cottonwood

SWI was responsible for all site civil and survey services for a 60,000-square foot recreation center and parking lot. SWI’s services included boundary surveys; grading; drainage plans; parking, pedestrian and vehicular access; and construction staking of the site. Due to the proximity of the project to other government facilities, proper drainage to existing drainage structures and storm drain was essential.

Rotary Park, Lake Havasu City

SWI was the prime engineer providing the design of a new park located in Lake Havasu City. SWI prepared the design of the park drainage infrastructure; two new parking lots; pedestrian trails; and upgrades to existing walking paths in the area. SWI also designed a new entry facility that included a new island and an entry monument combining many of Lake Havasu’s themes, including colored concrete, thick raw steel, and gabion baskets commemorating the park. The park was completed before hosting a portion of the Summer X-Games in 2014.

Vista Park, Prescott

SWI was the lead civil engineer responsible for the engineering of a city park located on a 10-acre parcel in Prescott. Site development included a parking lot, ramada, playfields, sidewalks, drainage improvements, a trail system, a footbridge, and a concrete wash crossing. All on-site and off-site park facilities were designed to be ADA accessible. Besides the features listed prior, SWI and the general contractor left the site in a natural state.

Flagstaff Aquatic Center, Flagstaff

SWI prepared construction plans for the infrastructure improvements of a 51,000-square foot, two-story recreational building. On-site improvements included grading and drainage of an asphalt concrete paved parking lot; storm drain system; an underground and above ground detention basin; site utilities; and construction administration. Off-site public improvements included a right turn lane; water main extension to serve a fire hydrant; sidewalks; ramps; and new entrance driveways.

A majority of the site consisted of shallow basalt bedrock which became a grading and drainage design challenge. To address this challenge, the parking lot was designed to match the natural contours as much as possible by creating rows of tiered parking and utilizing the landscape medians to compensate for the grade change. By adhering to the natural slopes, existing Ponderosa pine trees were conserved during construction. Surface drainage techniques were utilized to minimize rock trenching costs by minimizing subsurface improvements such as catch basins and storm drains.