SWI has partnered with several education and school systems around northern Arizona providing engineering and surveying services. For a more detailed list of relevant projects, please visit our contact page to request more information.

Lee Williams High School, Kingman

SWI was brought on as the lead civil designer for the remodel of the entire high school campus. The design consisted of regrading a new student quad area, student parking, bus parking, teacher parking, a new track and football field, two baseball diamonds, and two practice fields. The school is located such that a 100-year floodplain runs through the campus which has caused much flood damage over the years. SWI developed a drainage plan for the school that redirecting the 100-year flood flows and capturing most in a new storm drain system.

The plan also called for the realignment of Gold Street to redirect the 100-year flood drainage away from buildings and through the redeveloped student and bus parking areas. Overflow runoff was designed to drain in-between two existing buildings onto the playing fields.

SWI worked with the City of Kingman to redesign an alternate route to provide better access to the water and sewer systems. The realignment was designed to be less disruptive to the school if any repairs to the lines were needed.

Kingman High School, Kingman

The City of Kingman passed a bond to remodel and upgrade the schools in the Kingman Unified School District. SWI teamed with the project architect, DLR Group, to upgrade to the existing athletic fields. The school fields were not constructed to the current national standards. The objective of the project was to expand and improve the fields to address the growing student population and bring all fields up to current standard dimensions. SWI performed the grading and drainage for the new competition size track and football field, tennis courts, two baseball diamonds, and four practice fields. The redevelopment consisted of regrading approximately 22-acres of land, maintaining one of the existing baseball fields, and matching grades along the perimeter of the property. SWI also provided the design for water and sewer service to the new restrooms and snack bar.

BASIS Charter School, Flagstaff

SWI was contracted for all survey and site civil work on a new charter school in Flagstaff, Arizona. SWI was responsible for grading and drainage plans for the 35,000-square foot building, access roads, public street improvements, 100-space parking lot, and sport court with patio area. SWI provided all site infrastructure improvements including curb and gutter; sidewalks; pavement; and utility connections. Deliverables included grading and drainage plans; improvement plans; stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) and report; traffic statement; and a drainage report.

The project required creative engineering solutions within a tightly packed site to satisfy the City of Flagstaff’s Low Impact Development (LID) standards for stormwater runoff. SWI was able to meet the school’s aggressive schedule – design started in the winter and construction was finished before the following school year in August.

High Country Conference Center, Northern Arizona University

SWI provided civil engineering services for site grading, drainage, utility design, and participated in project programming for the construction of a conference center with an 800-seat ballroom and a three-story parking garage in Flagstaff, Arizona. During the design phase, SWI interacted with the CMAR to address the cost-effectiveness use of pavers versus heated sidewalks (durability and maintenance issues), economical yet safe site drainage systems, provided grading and drainage plans, and guided local contractors that were qualified to give accurate cost estimates. SWI also provided surveying services, which included construction staking and writing legal descriptions for easements and abandonments.

Northern Arizona Real Estate Holdings Building, Northern Arizona University

SWI was responsible for all site civil and surveying services for a 45,000-square foot office building on the Northern Arizona University campus. The project utilized an alternative Design/Build Contract through Northern Arizona Real Estate Holdings (NAREH). SWI’s services included topographic survey; grading and drainage plans; parking; construction staking; and pedestrian and vehicular access on the site.

Alternatives analyses were performed to select a recommended alignment for a sewer extension to minimize tree removal and hard-scape removal. The team also incorporated sustainable concepts to achieve LEED certification.

Knoles Parking Garage, Northern Arizona University

SWI provided civil engineering services for site grading, drainage and utility schematics, along with a realignment of Riordan Road for a four-story parking garage on the Northern Arizona University campus. The project included a pedestrian bridge over Riordan Road, which connected the parking garage to Ardrey Auditorium.

For this project, SWI provided civil engineering and surveying for the project architect and worked side-by-side with the contractor under a CMAR contract with the University. SWI’s provided value engineering of the retaining walls, drainage structures, and intersection designs. During the construction phase, SWI responded to RFI’s and inspection requests to resolve unanticipated underground and field conditions.