SWI has provided engineering services for many local commercial projects throughout Northern Arizona. For a more detailed list of relevant projects, please visit our contact page to request more information.

Harkins Movie Theater, Flagstaff

SWI was the prime engineer and surveyor for a 72,000 square-foot, 16-screen movie theatre complex outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. In addition to the building, on-site parking; access lanes; and on-site and off-site drainage improvements were part of the project scope. Prior to design, SWI provided topographic surveys, boundary surveys, and legal descriptions. Our engineering services included: mass grading and drainage plans; water and sewer system design; construction plans for private and public site improvements; underground LID retention systems; SWPPP; construction specifications; cost estimates; and ADEQ submittal and coordination.

Following construction, SWI provided as-built surveys, construction staking, and construction observation. The project itself was a high-profile one in the community—the site was located directly next to a high-traffic mall. Coordination with the developer was essential in maintaining a positive image in the community.

The Trax Retail Development and Sportsman’s Warehouse, Flagstaff

SWI was the prime engineer and surveying firm for a 34-acre multi-phase retail development located in East Flagstaff. SWI provided surveying; grading and drainage plans; design of parking, access roads, and traffic signal; utilities; stormwater detention and chamber systems; and construction administration and inspections. Phase 1 of the Trax project, included the parking lot layout and design for the big-box retail store, Sportsman’s Warehouse. The parking lot was designed to accommodate trash, delivery, and fire trucks. Several AutoTurn analyses were performed in order to determine the ideal drive aisle widths, radii, and loading dock location. The grades of the parking lot were also designed to be ADA accessible. Stormwater detention and LID were provided for the added impervious cover to the site. Due to site constraints, an underground chamber system was designed to accommodate both detention and LID volumes. Stormwater from the entire site is routed into the isolator row, which consists of a single row of chambers with a woven geotextile fabric beneath the chambers. The detention and LID system provides great water quality treatment while exceeding the minimum detention/LID requirements set forth in the City of Flagstaff Stormwater Management Manual.

North Country Community Health Center, Flagstaff

SWI oversaw the preparation of construction plans for the infrastructure improvements of a five-acre health care clinic in Flagstaff, Arizona. Improvements included grading and drainage of an asphalt concrete paved parking lot; storm drain system; utilities; and construction administration. Offsite public improvements included a right turn lane on Fourth Street, water main extension, sidewalks, ramps, and new driveways. ADA accessibility was provided from both 4th Street and King Street where the clinic is located.

Drury Inn and Suites, Northern Arizona University

SWI provided civil engineering services for site grading, drainage, and utility design for the Drury Inn & Suites, located adjacent to NAU’s High Country Conference Center in Flagstaff, Arizona. SWI also provided construction staking and legal description services for the hotel site.

The delivery method used for this facility is comparable to the CMAR method used for the NAU High Country Conference Center. The owner, design team, and contractor formed a fast-paced interactive team to develop a final plan and budget from the initial program provided by the owner. SWI worked closely with Drury Southwest and City of Flagstaff staff to expedite approvals of off-site utility connections and off-site roadway improvements.

Camp Verde Library, Town of Camp Verde

SWI was contracted by the Town of Camp Verde to provide civil engineering for the construction of a new, 17,000 square-foot, two-story library. SWI’s services include boundary surveying, grading & drainage plans, utility planning, floodplain studies, and construction administration.

SWI prepared a submittal package suitable for both the Town of Camp Verde and the Yavapai County Flood Control District.